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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


WOLVs = Wheels of Life Vans

We're a grassroots operation that is founded on a shared passion for van life and the creative vision to have the best quality camper vans that fit our vibe and culture. Using a research and development process, we excel in van rentals, outfitting conversions, and passive income opportunities.


Rated number one on Outdoorsy, in Colorado for 2022, and number three in the nation, we take pride in making the guest's experience memorable. Every guest is given an opportunity at the end of their trip, to share their experience and their thoughts on how the next guest's experience could be better.

If you are looking to have a van converted, we will outfit the right team for you. We take innovation, industry rules, regulations, and quality materials very seriously. We strive to make sure that our van outfitters are top performance in the industry, and work with companies that vary in style, and price to be sure that you get the van you want.

If you have a van or want to invest in a van and take part in our consignment program, schedule a consultation with us today. Our goal is to create opportunities for van buyers/owners who are looking to stream income and still have their dream van adventures whenever they choose.

Whether you are looking to rent a van for your next trip, convert a van into your dream on wheels, or take part in our consignment program, we know Wheels of Life Vans is for you. 

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