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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


WOLVs = Wheels of Life Vans

About the founder

My name is Chai and I lived in a van full time from 2019 - 2020. When Covid caused the shut down, all of the places I would go to for showers (gyms and Rec centers) shut down so I decided to move into an apartment and started renting out my van on Outdoorsy.

Once I realized the high demand for this type of accommodation, I decided to get a second van built. I started noticing the lack of quality, service, and knowledge in the companies that built my first two vans so I started my own conversion company which built out 3 vans from start to finish. Then the high cost of operating and stress from these projects became overwhelming.

After a year of building, I decided to dissolve the outfitting operations and draw upon my experience when referring customers to our preferred
 outfitters. I have continued growing the rental fleet by acquiring vans on consignment (meaning other people or companies own the vans and hire WOLVs at a percentage to manage the short term rentals on them).


Our Rental Consignment Program

Rated #1 on Outdoorsy in Colorado for 2021 and 2022, and #3 in the nation, we take pride in making the guest's experience memorable. Every guest is given an opportunity at the end of their trip, to share their experience and their thoughts on how the next guest's experience could be better.

We have 3 distinct things that separate us from our competition. The first is to provide an Airbnb experience for our guests so that all they need to bring is their personal suitcase and groceries.

The second is providing each guest with a thorough orientation focused on education of the inner workings of the van they are renting.

The third unique is (over time) intentionally acquiring a fleet of vans professionally built by our preferred outfitters so that our guests that dream of owning one can try the van out before they invest in such a large purchase.

We take innovation, industry rules, regulations, and quality very seriously. We strive to make sure that our van outfitters are top performance in the industry and work with companies that vary in style and price to be sure that you get the van you dream of.

If you want to invest in a van and take part in our consignment program, schedule a consultation with us today. Our goal is to create opportunities for individuals to own their dream van, have it generate a passive income stream to pay for itself, and still take adventures whenever they choose.

Whether you are looking to rent a van for your next trip, convert a van into your dream on wheels, or take part in our consignment program, Wheels of Life Vans is here! 

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