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We make big ideas happen. Join us for the ride.

But first let's make sure our mission inspires/aligns with you. 

We have 3 distinct things that separate us from our competition. The first is to provide an Airbnb experience for our guests so that all they need to bring is their personal bag and groceries. The second is providing each guest with a thorough orientation focused on education of the inner workings of the van they are renting. The third unique is (over time) intentionally acquiring a fleet of vans professionally built by our preferred outfitters so that our guests that dream of owning one can rent one before they invest in such a large purchase.

According to Outdoorsy, we were rated #1 in the state of Colorado for number of bookings and income and #3 in the nation! This is a status we plan on maintaining as we continue to strive for excellence. 

At Wheels of Life Vans (WOLV), 
we are looking for intelligent, driven, and mindful team members to join our WOLV Pack Team. Fill out our application below to apply.

​Please note: We will keep all resumes on file and will be in touch with applicants if and when they align. We may not respond to all applicants as we receive on average 15-20 emails per day.

Current Job Listings

Start Date: July 1st, 2023

Pay: $15/hour for first 2 weeks of training and then $20/hr  
15-30 hours/week will go towards housekeeping
10-15 hours/week will go towards guest management, van service, and claims

Responsibilities of this role include, but are not limited to the following:

   ◦    Check & respond to all inbound messages at the start and end of every shift 
   ◦    Prep vans for upcoming bookings

   ◦    Make sure toilets are cleaned and sanitized 
   ◦    Review van cleaning checklists during each van cleaning
   ◦    Last minute prep - 1 hour before guest arrives

   ◦    Orientation and mini test drive with guests
   ◦    Van return form and closing questions, process & supervise damage or service claims from guests

   ◦    Staying on top of mechanical and regular maintenance service scheduling 
   ◦    Conduct tours for potential guests and/or potential van buyers
   ◦    Assist in marketing events/planning (tiny house festivals, caravans, Content creation Van trips, etc)​

Experience and Qualitites Needed:

   ◦    2-5+ years experience as a caretaker/guest management or other relevant experience

   ◦    Quick learner with the ability to complete tasks, optimize them, and systemize them for others 

   ◦    Must have a valid active driver's license

   ◦    High attention to detail

   ◦    Proactive and solution-oriented (if there is an issue, we instruct our team members to bring 3 solutions along with the issue, otherwise it's a complaint and we don't accept complaints)

   ◦    Efficient problem solving skills
   ◦    Articulate and effective communication skills


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