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New Project Under Development

Van Friendly Off-Grid Eco Village 

Wheels of Life Vans is passionate about sustainability and seeking a new location to develop a van-friendly off-grid eco village on 35+ acres of land in a rural Colorado location that is within 30 minutes of Denver International Airport. 

It's obvious we live in a world today with broken systems. With hyper-inflation and homelessness on the rise, pollution and waste filling our oceans, nutrient-deficient diets from processed foods and harmful and damaging soil methods causing illness and disease. Current industrial Mono-crop farming only has 60 harvests left before the soil is completely dead.

This calls for radical change. 

To see the gravity of how current farming methods in the U.S. are damaging the earth, contributing to our water crisis, and causing nutrient deficiencies in our food supply, I recommend watching an insightful documentary called Kiss the Ground on Netflix. 


Financing Phase

Imagine getting a plot of land with scenic mountain views off in the distance and a 5 star spa with wood fire pits and cozy glamping rentals.


A few years ago, when I lived in my van full time,  I started realizing the cost of living is so much higher for us now compared to the last generation, I can't imagine what our kids are going to be up against. I came across the concept of Eco Farm communities and regenerative farming practices and how it turns dry dusty dirt into rich soil and grows food that's has 80% more nutrients than store-bought stuff.
Now, I'm going to build the most biodiverse farm in the country and add some cabin rentals in and around the orchards so guests can come learn from it too. I actually found some really amazing parcels of land that are within 30 minutes drive from the Denver International Airport!

We are seeking a co-signer and investor to  secure financing on the USDA eligible land with existing structures on the property, which would be the new home to the Wheels of Life Vans fleet.

As the property is USDA loan eligible, it may require zero money down.

Our business plan explains in detail how our co-signer aka silent partner who helps us purchase the property will have a no-loss guarantee. The business plan also outlines the immediate revenue generation and land-value-increase within the first year. 

Contact us below to request copy of our business plan, investor presentation, and financial projections. 

An NDA will be required prior to obtaining any of our business plan, investor presentation, and financial projections. 


What differentiates our Eco Farm?


1) We will focus on Eco-tourism to fund the development of the land


    2) Decentralization of food systems through the use of permaculture, hydroponics, and holistic agriculture practices

  3) Decentralization of infrastructure through the use of proven technologies such as bio toilets and Earthship homes with botanical gray and black water cells

   4) Creating space and an environment to facilitate the research and development of further regenerative practices

This will be a prototype for a replicatable and scalable eco village model that we plan to use as a successful blueprint to develop additional eco villages across the United States. 

Our vision is to change the landscape of how the current modern culture drains our energy and resources, and bring humanity back to a state of fulfillment, nourishment, and equilibrium.


Join our Mission

We can and MUST change the trajectory of human society and way of living on this Earth to be more sustainable by getting to the root of the problems we face as a society, and solving it. Getting to the root of issues like pollution, waste, homelessness, increased costs of living through the use of eco village communities that build and maintain sustainable farming practices for the betterment of humanity and to help save our planet.


We are seeking land investors to have ownership stake in an Eco Farm property (funded by Eco tourism and short term rentals) and potentially invest in future properties as we intend to form an Eco Farm "franchise-like structure" and the investor would lease the land to the franchisee. 

Please complete the form and we will send an NDA for you to submit. Once returned, we will provide you with links to the investor presentation, business plan, and financial projections.

Thanks for submitting!

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