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Investment Opportunity

One of the most fruitful ways to invest in this industry, is to buy a van and enter it into our rental management consignment program and earn a passive income. One of the perks is having your own van to take on adventures as you please. Having it in our rental fleet means making money when other people rent your van, just like an airbnb.

Our current van for sale, "Luna", made an average of $2,100/mo in 2022 for the owner as passive income (after the management fees), and the owner of this van lives in another state. The RV Trader listing can be found here.

Here is a financing idea to purchase "Luna", or another van of similar value:
-Aquire an RV loan for 20 years
-20% down (some banks will go as low as 10% down)
-Monthly payment will be close to $1000/mo
 (depending on your credit and other variables)

**Past income performance does not guarantee future results.

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