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The Wheels of Life Vans team has combined experiences of living full time in a van, 4+ years of experience renting them out and 1 year of managing the operations of a team of contractors building out 3 camper vans from start to finish.

Now they are utilizing this knowledge and experience as well as an ongoing research driven business to find the top Van outfitters in Colorado, Arizona, and other western states to compile a list of our preferred outfitters.

To make it on our list: 

  • Must be in business for 5+ years 

  • Have RVIA certified builds

  • ​Have excellent after care service and warranties

  • Builds compatible for one or all of the high roof Cargo vans: Ram Promaster, Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit

We specialize in matching our customers with the right Van builder that aligns with their vision. 


We are accepting vans 0-3 years old from our list of preferred outfitters to join our rental fleet on consignment! Earn passive income and have your dream van pay for itself when you are not using it.


Portable. Compact. Hot as hell. 

Claim your free fire pit when you secure a van build with one of our preferred van outfitters below.*

*Must show proof of paid deposit.

If you have a van conversion company and would like to learn how to become one of our preferred outfitters, click here and fill out our contact form.

Vanlife Customs main img-2.png

Vanlife Customs

-Bespoke Van builds

-Quick build models

-Expert team and quality components & materials

-Accessories and upgrades

-Espar and Webasto Installation and Service

Established in 2016

Located in Arvada, CO


We have a Van Works van in our rental fleet named Ivy, that you can try before you buy!

Van Works

-Time tested builds
-Modular kits and systems
-User friendly and prebuilt inventory
-Financing options available (including RV loans)

Established in 1978

Located in Fort Collins, CO


The next van we'd like to see in our consignment van fleet is a Titan van

Titan Vans

-Specializes in customizable built to order vans, with over 40,000 different interior configurations
-Designed to be plug and play, future proofing customer vans
-3-Year, 36,000 Mile Warranty
-Financing options available (including RV loans)

Established in 2017

Located in Boulder, CO

Colorado Adventure Vans main img.png

Colorado Adventure Vans

-Truly custom builds (will do inside showers and   various bed systems)
-Competitive rates for builds, installs, and service
-Skilled woodworkers and craftsmen on site

Established in 2017

Located in Golden, CO

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